Sunday, 13 October 2013

'FPGA Engineer Opening in Bangalore'

At least 3 years of experience in electronics product projects possibly with work experience in automotive industry

Specific Technical and methodical knowledge:
Very good VHDL and AHDL knowledge
Knowledge on high speed, low latency designs
Experience with Altera FPGAs, NIOS soft core
Knowledge of analog and digital electronics
Knowledge / Understanding of Controllers used in embedded applications
Knowledge of microcontroller interfaces (PCIe, PCI, DDR3, DDR2)
Knowledge of Ethernet MAC to PHY interfaces (MII, RMII, GMII, RGMII)
Knowledge and experience with circuits that fulfill EMC requirements
Knowledge and experience with electronics operation in extended temperature range
Knowledge on timing analysis and verification
Knowledge of development methodologies and tools incl. requirements engineering, design and testing
Knowledge of configuration management (i.e. Subversion)

Knowledge of Tools
Logic Analyser
High End Oscilloscope measurement techniques
Climatic chamber operation
Knowledge of microcontroller debug interfaces (JTAG, AUD, NBD, Nexus)
Knowledge on memory concepts (SRAM, SDRAM, Flash)
Knowledge of automotive communication standards, like CCP, XCP or alike.
Knowledge on Ethernet communication and protocols
Knowledge of development process in automotive industry
C/C++ knowledge

Social Core Competencies:
Willing to work in Germany for about 3months-1 year

Email primus.rodrigues@in.bosch.com

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